Tuesday, March 24, 2015

It's about a productive and motivated team: investing in company culture

Motivation is one of the most vital factors that makes a workplace productive. If you are not motivated enough to do what you are doing, the time will slip by, with not much done. During this phase, you are busy keeping yourself distracted and when you notice that you have deadlines to catchup on, your productivity is affected. With the worries of time running by, it’s difficult to stay focused on the tasks in hand and so less work becomes so much more.

Why invest in company culture at all.?

For a company to grow, it’s not about an individual or the work a team is doing, but about how productively and together a team is moving.
We spend most of our day in the workplace and if we are not comfortable with people around us, it will not get the best out of us.
If most of our day is be spent around people we don’t care about, we don't really have a reason to work for the company, we are just getting paid. With positive team building and motivated environment everyone will be more willing to take challenges, not because they can do it, but because they are confident about themselves as a team.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

You are allowed to have those bad days

When you don't have something, that is when you realise the real value of it and that is what bad days are for, to make you realise how important good days are. If you don't go through those bad days, you miss that phase, where you don't let good days drift away, unnoticed.

There are only 24 hours in a day and they are same for everyone, and we miss most of those hours in the hustle and bustle of life. We don't see the clock ticking second by second, we don't experience every second of the day, it just passes away and before you realise, 24 hours have ended and a new day has started. You can't slow down the ticking of the clock but you can at least experience most of it, be it good or bad, you can still learn from those experiences.
Time is a constant, it will never wait for you, don't wait for the right time standing in the queue, break it and catch the flow and let go of the emotions that are making you feel low.

Friday, March 6, 2015

There is always some light

Sometimes you see the Moon, sometimes you see the Sun and sometimes only the Stars, but there is always a part in the sky which has light. - Paritosh Pundir 

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Looking through someone else's eyes

A lot of things happen around you every day, you capture some moments and they stay and the rest just fade away. The captured ones are your view, sometimes you see things the way you want and sometimes the way you don't want, but the faded ones are the ones you missed and might never know about.

You can't capture everything and you are allowed to miss the unimportant parts, but what if you see from someone's eyes and find that unimportant to be very important. It was something you missed, for you it just went away like a blur, but for someone it was strong and sharp, with every single detail in the picture as clear as it was, they lived every second past that moment, which just slipped away from your hand like sand.

It's time to live it with them, clear that blurred picture and fill colors in today's capture, colors so bright that yesterday is lost in today's light.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

You are the architect of your life

Life without challenges is a life never lived, challenges in life are like thunderstorm and sometimes they hit you very very hard. You can stand in the rain and let it affect you or can save yourself from the light rain with an umbrella, but to fight with the thunderstorm, you will have to build your own house. The house that will shield you from the outside world, that will keep you in the comfort of love, care and knowledge. The World is a tough place and the greatest investment you can make is the investment in yourself.

Teach yourself not to fight but to create your own World, teach yourself how to be an architect, how to build the World around you. Nothing works alone, you can't see every side of things, you need someone to see the other side for you.

We connect and share with people throughout the life, and more or less our relationships shape who we are. Invest in relationships with people who matter to you, the universe will create its own version for you with that relation.
The connections or relations two people share with each other is unique and different in it's own way, its your universe with that person, what you share and live with each other, most of it is with you both. 
You are living in a multiverse of connections and relationships that makes you who you are. The Multiverse of relationships you create will help you build your house, your world and to fight with the hard times, the thunderstorms, which an umbrella can't handle. Investing in your relations is almost like investing in yourself. don't be afraid to connect, who knows which part of life is still hidden from your eyes.

Inspired by a lovely relation in my life, My Chaechu (My elder sister and Mentor)

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Finding another Earth among dots in the Sky

Go outside and look up at the Sky and start counting the number of Stars. Wait wait, not now, just finish reading this, if it's day outside you will only see one and if night, you will see uncountable number of dots. Now our star, "Sun" has 8 planets (excluding Pluto) and one of them has intelligent beings, "us, Humans". Now think (just little thinking), there are so many stars and like Sun, those Stars also have Planets and could have some living beings, at least in a few Planets.
Finding other planets similar to Earth and looking for life outside the solar system is one of the fields which has fascinated Intellectual minds (if you are reading this you are one of those "Intellectual ones").

Recently in search for finding the Habitable zones, we have started looking into young stars, which is making the search easier. The young stars are hot and the conditions like Earth can be spotted farther away from the parent star. With their location away from parent Star they can be observed with the next-generation of ground based telescopes.
One of the important signs we are looking for, is the temperature of the planet should be able to hold water in liquid state.
A fun fact: Earth, our own planet added water from heavy bombardment of water-rich asteroids. 
So if we are looking to switch planets we can take water with ourselves or may create some water, but we just need it in liquid state, I don't want to switch planets and eat ice or smell vapours when I am thirsty. The search is on for a new place to live and also find some other living creatures.

Explore more: Finding infant earths and potential life just got easier

Monday, January 19, 2015

Let others think you are a fool

Don't care about what the world thinks about youWe all are one of kind and unique in our own ways, we know it, but still we waste a lot of time justifying people how good we are. We keep trying to be smart in front of others, but they don't really care. Any random person you met today and tried to impress, doesn't really care how good you are, because they don't fully know who you are. It's not easy knowing someone, ask yourself, how many people you care about? The answer will not be a large number, because there are only a few close ones, whose points of view matter to you. The total number of points of view is equal to the total number of people in the whole world, every one is unique in a way, it is impossible to make everyone happy with what you do.
Don't waste your time justifying or proving yourself, Just Act, and focus on what you do best.
It's not about telling them who you are, but about making them realise your real value. Give the most time to the person who really needs you and understands you the most.
There is only one person in this world who knows about every second of your life and really knows what you are, and that's YOU.

Just focus on exploring who you are
Yes, the goal looks so far
But you have it in you, though
It's just that you didn't know...
- My Chaechu (My lovely sister and Mentor)

It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.
-Mark Twain 

Monday, January 12, 2015

Make the user do the next most obvious thing

People say designing is an easy job, but is it really so easy to turn a 0kb blank file into a great layout photoshop file, of 150MB. A designer needs to keep in mind a lot of stuff, from the user’s age to devices they use and every single detail about the product’s features or a website’s functionality.
Every single pixel you see on the screen has a meaning, there is a designer’s thought, a vision, how s/he wanted you to interact with it.
UI(User Interface), what you see, is just the small and visible part of the overall User Experience (UX). The story behind that design is hidden and you don’t even care what mental stress designers have gone through to create every pixel of it, just to satisfy you. The times when the ideas were flowing, the vision was clear and those times when the mind was out of ideas the designer felt like giving up, all these things are part of a design process to make every pixel speak and drive the user.

A great design always has a direction and a goal in which a designer thinks to make you follow the flow of the design and get the job done. For you it’s all about getting things done and as designers we have to think how we can help you get that task done, taking your less effort and making you do the most obvious things in the design flow. It is important to express with design, what you want the user to do, what message you want to convey, if the message and the flow is not clear, any great design is useless (at first place they are not great at all, they might only be good looking).
It is no more only about the UI, but the overall experience and interaction of a user on your website or application or your pixels. Thinking of the user as the main driver, we as designers need to create effective and powerful tools for them.
Keep creating pixels and help the world get things done by effectively interacting with it…..

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Power of sharing what's in your mind

Let's start from the beginning

We as humans are evolved to share our ideas with other. Sharing is an important part of life as without sharing the inventions would not have happened and we would not have evolved.
What if the idea of apple falling to the earth with gravity would have stayed in Newton's head and never came out. Hmmmm.... may be trampoline would not have been invented without the knowledge of gravity and we would have missed thousands of videos of people falling from it.
No satellites so no Google maps, and may be we would have still believed that jumping too high will take us to the Moon .

Sharing your feelings

Sharing in the digital age

Sharing is evolving , the internet age is making it easy to express but with some loss of information or sometimes incomplete information. One positive in sharing via digital form of communication is, it reduces the awkwardness, you don't have to worry about how you are looking, how you are smelling and things like that, you can directly focus on talking.
But with words its difficult to express everything, your tools are limited, you don't have expressions and eyes to tell the hidden stories (Yes, you do have emojicons but they are also limited ಠ_ಠ ).
We share statuses, photos, videos and other digital content on social media because we want others to know them, share our life experiences, we are proud of having some shareable memories.
The so called offline form of communication is still the most effective way to share the deepest secrets, but it is easier to express them with online form of communication.

Why share?

Now that you have chosen the medium of sharing and the person or persons for sharing what's on your head, why?
Is it really needed to share with others?
If it's a good idea or some experience, yes definitely the world want to know it and you have evolved in such a way that you cannot control the urge of sharing it with others. Sharing things will give you different views and sides of the same idea, it will trigger interactions that will help evolve that idea (It could be a life experience or your next business idea).
Now the problem is we share the best parts of ourselves but what about the other side?
That is where things get a little messy, so let's try to use the power of share to clear things out.

Using the power of Share to remove bad memories

Our brain is where all the actions happen and when we have something with us which is only with us we don't want to loose it.
That is what happens with the bad things, bad experiences, we hide them in our head and they never come out, we remember them as lessons in life, the problem is not lessons but the remember part of it.
We think the time will wash bad memories, but it takes time and bad things are difficult to forget than the good things, because we are constantly reminding our brain not to remember them. Our brain also knows that we are the only one holding that information, so it is important. The story is different with good things, we have shared them and we have backup for that information, so we are not reminding our brains to remember them. Share bad things with someone, so that you don't feel like the only one with that experience, share it, backup your brain. Bad things happen and they will, sharing will give you the options to teach others and allow you to free up your brain and use the extra made space to learn and experience something new.

Now that you have discovered this article, you have the power to share this article, you can share it or keep it in your mind, choice is yours.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Making someone smile is making a happier World

Stress & Tension in our daily life

Life is full of stress and daily life tensions. Life starts up well and as we grow older and older we are more responsible and with responsibilities come Stress. Life is long and we are not perfect and we make mistakes, be it small or big, but we make mistakes and sometimes those mistakes are the ones responsible for the stress. In chasing the perfect self, which is practically not possible, we miss the present.

The present or the moment as it happens, before we realise is already the past. These realisations keep us thinking about the past and what we do at this moment is distorting our future.

Smile and be more happy

When you are stressed and depressed, your mind is filled with negative emotions and smiling can actually help. So let’s just dig into some details and add some fancy science. When you smile you are triggering chemicals like, Serotonin, Norepinephrine and Endorphins. So what? Ok, so less regulation of Serotonin & Norepinephrine is linked to high stress and depression and if regulated enough can lift up your mood.
In simple words smile more and be more happy.
Smiling and laughing triggers Endorphin which is directly linked to happiness and the amazing feeling of feeling good. Now consider you being able to make someone smile or laugh, how much good you are doing to them, you are helping them to be more positive and happy. Smile is contagious, if you smile at someone they will smile back at you (most of the times).

Be a giver, Keep Smiling….!