Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Your happiness zone

You are not fine and out of nowhere you enter your zone of happiness, you feel you are coming back and you will be fine again. It’s a temporary fix, you just need to be in that zone to feel happy and wish that you were there always, but it’s a big world; you will have to step out of that zone every once in a while and that’s when it hurts. You need to toughen up and show that you can be strong outside of your zone. You just need one thing; you need to figure out what is your strength in that zone and take your happiness out with you to explore other zones.
Finding happiness
The moment you think, just a few minutes back you were happy in that zone and as you move a little bit, you are lost again. You are trying to find something, something that you know exists but are unsure where to find it and that is taking all of your strength. You are trying hard to understand, you are using all that you know, but still unable to find answers.
You need a different perspective towards things, you need someone to guide you through something which is unknown to you, but known to them. You need to try to see the world from their eyes, what they see in you, why they believe in you. It’s their faith that will drive you forward, if you believe in them you should believe in yourself, at least for them. They will be there, always beside you, they will try their best to keep your zone always with you, but they just want you to try, try your best.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

You can change things alone, just start

Who says the world around cannot be changed by a single person, have you ever tried to change something, or you have just always wished to change. You cannot change anything until you stop wishing and start doing, start trying. We all think a lot that we could change this, we could change that and that is the problem, we think a lot about it, we need to change our thoughts to actions and start to do something about it. If we start to take a step to actually change something, we might be able to find someone on the way who was also thinking about it and hasn’t yet started.
You just need to believe in something, and that something is you.
Edison once said,
"If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves."
We don’t start working on things, because we think that we are not capable of doing them, we think, but how can we be so sure? we haven’t done it before and we don’t know, maybe we are underestimating ourselves. Why don’t we just try before thinking we can’t, things would be much more better if we tried before giving up. You have already lost when you give up but you will never loose until you give up, keep trying.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Growth is always relative

You don’t know until you step into the world, observe it and scale yourself with others. You can’t grow until you know what you have and what you lack. You were there alone growing, but how much? You might be better today from your yesterday’s self, but you live in this world, and the scale is not you. You need to test yourself, you need to measure yourself, on the scale this world accepts and if you are not up to the mark on that scale, your growth is a fail. You need that courage to step out into this world, show your authority, get up to proceed, it’s time to lead.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Someone makes you happy when you are sad

Having something positive around you when you are sad is the best thing you could ask for. You are overthinking on things, speculating things shouldn’t have happened as they happened, but suddenly someone steps in to interrupt your overthinking. They came because they want to see you happy, and you want to share because you want them to know what’s in your head.
You miss them so much because they are the one person you want to share the story with, you don’t tell them that you are sad, they just know it.
They stay there with you to make sure that you are fine, they want you to feel secure and touch some happiness with them, you might not be fully happy but there will be some improvement.

They are there in your life as a ray of light among the dark clouds. They have so much light for you which you cannot see because you are blocking it with the black clouds of thoughts in your head, but they still sneak in to give you some light. Believe in them and believe in what they believe for you.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

I looked into the mirror today

I looked into the mirror today and found something was missing. I was missing the complete picture, whom I am a part of. Today the image was missing a belief, as the reason was disconnected. The mirror was there but without the reflection and with those doubts I was looking for justification.

I kept looking for that inspiration, waiting for some light to see the reflection. But I am not the reality, I am myself the reflection, I am created as my reality looks in the mirror to find itself.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

You are powerful

Power itself is a strong word. It could be because of the social factors which suit you, but that power is always temporary.
Every one of us has a permanent power within us, that makes us who we are and gives us the reasons to sustain as a living being on this planet.
That power, that strength, decides how we react to situations hitting us everyday, as we face challenges and come out of them stronger, we add power. The challenges could be difficult or easy, it all depends on that internal strength within us, we are the ones who decide whether things are easy or tough.

We belong to this world and the problems are in this world only, everyone of us has similar power and resources to face it. So the next time when you are hit with a problem, make it easy, search for that power within yourself needed to face it, crush it and add its power to yours.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Sometimes a loss can be a bigger win

It’s always easy to win and feel proud, but how about losing and being proud of it. When you win, you are winning for yourself, no matter who all are the reasons for your win. Losing to see someone smile is like losing yourself for others' happiness. You don’t care about who you are, what your image is, what people will think and infer about you, you can win for yourself but you choose to lose.
You just need enough reasons to lose, you can always win for yourself, but sometimes touching people’s heart is more important than self. The one who is laughing because of you will not judge you, you know who you are and you don’t care about the ones who are laughing at you.
You haven't lost, you have won hearts.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Days pass and things change

As we live and move forward in time, the days pass with a different experience everyday. We lived yesterday, we are living today and we don’t know what will happen tomorrow. As we will enter tomorrow it will turn into today with a new experience. We expect to carry our yesterday as we enter a new today, we want to follow and experience those same patterns we had yesterday.

We are a part of overlapping stories, stories which we are creating in our lives with others around us. So many experiences overlap with a different view towards all those passing moments, but all the characters share those same experiences. These overlapping experiences fade with distance and when the stories stop overlapping, the experiences are different.

As the time passes it’s difficult to keep track of all the experiences, as the stories are now different. It becomes difficult to understand the current passage, as you have missed a few pages. The connection is still there with the memories of that overlapping phase, but since then things have changed, you can now see the change, but the reason is missing.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

You are never lost: going through difficult times

The positive side during the bad times in life
We all have those low times, when we feel lost somewhere in the unknown. There is no force that can pull us back to the known. We all go through a series of days or weeks or even months where nothing seems right. We think a lot about not being on the right side of things, and just the thought of being on the wrong side takes you deeper and deeper into that state of negativity.
We fight against a storm so strong, which takes everything away to where everything is wrong. Wait, I am still here and not even a single tear. I fought and it took everything, but it's my world and I am the king. The difficult times do take a lot away from you- your time, your energy, your efforts and so much more, but nothing will be able to take the fundamental things from you, the things which make you who you are.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Not having control over decisions: entering in the bubble

It’s easy to come out of a bubble, because you still have the space the bubble had, but getting into a bubble is difficult and if you do it, it is giving up on all the space outside the bubble.

There is always a layer of the bubble in between and the world inside will have more influence on the decisions of the life inside. No matter how much you try, it hurts when the bubble bursts, because no matter big or small, someone has to compromise and fall.