Monday, November 6, 2017

Day 5 - Bringing designs to life with the prototype

Today I was working on finalizing the prototype tool and Origami as the best fit for the needs. It was easy to pick up and everything worked as if you are writing a story. I tried taking some of the complex parts of the design which required some transitions and animations to make sense.

Spend a couple of hours in trying to understand the capabilities of Origami and the initial prototypes were ready. The prototypes really looked and there was new progress for the day, but seeing the new designs come to life was great.

Day 4 - not much work but some potential talks

I was late to get started with work on the Day 4 and without much work done, the schedule for the day went unplanned. The unplanned was good, it was totally unexpected but in a good way. I got a call from one of my teammates who is focusing on funding, saying that he wants me to meet someone.

So the day was just about talking about the idea and the execution plans for it, we discussed how the 1st year is planned and other things. The meeting was good with a lot of discussion points, which helped me also see the value of the idea even more clearly. No matter how this relationship ends up but the interaction was helpful in understanding my vision with the idea and the plans which are in place.

Friday, November 3, 2017

Day 3 - Less work but some thinking

The third day of the journey had a slow start, it was difficult getting started with the day. To get the day started, I read a few things before continuing work. The first task of the day was to figure out how the user input will work and to make it interactive for the user and informative for our algorithms.

After that was done, I looked for some design inspirations about the next design module. I started working on it and was able to finish one screen, it was not very polished but was able to put the idea to design. Now for the next few days goal will be to get the idea in design, making designs that are not very detailed but keep the flow. Once that is done, will come back to it and try to improve the quality of the designs. This will also help me see the full flow and iterate over it if needed.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Day 2 Things started making sense - Startup Journey

So the day 2 of the journey went well, I was expecting to get more done, but at the end of the day was satisfied with the progress. The designs are really coming out good and lot of things are making sense as I am getting those designs out of my head. The overall design language and theme of the app is going in a good direction so far.

I am setting goals for myself everyday, so today's goal was not fully complete but the major part of the goal was to get started and I am almost at the finish line with the initial screens. The algorithms of the app finally has a place, where they will sit and that gave a good visual perspective to the way I was thinking through things.

Tomorrow will be more interesting as I will dig into the detailed parts of the design flow, the parts which have minute details.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Day 1 Startup journey - a new working place

Today was the start of the startup journey, day one of full time operations. This post is just a log of the day.

It was an interesting start, as I was not fully sure about my co-working space plans, but things worked out at the end and I was there by 12. It was a nervous start, I was not quite sure of the environment, but soon it felt like I was all alone with myself and in the flow. I already had the day planned out in my calendar, so it was not difficult to get going, but still it was a change and it will take some time to adapt.

Started out with the design flow, fed myself with some design inspiration and listed down all the features I need in the app. It was an interesting day, a little uncertainty about the environment I was in, but work was good, I am happy with the design progress so far.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Dreaming to dream

living your dreams
You don’t think about a dream, you don’t plan a dream, dreams just happen. People say dreams are meant to be broken, but I believe, dreams are meant to be built. Dreams are at times an extraction of a reality which we want to see, which we want to live, but the only condition is, we ourselves will have to bring it to reality.

Living a meaningful life is all about living a journey of making those dreams a reality. It’s that reason to live, see and create a better tomorrow for yourself and for others. Everyone can dream, but only a few try to live those dreams. Life is short and it is your decision to be a viewer or a creator. 

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Our soul needs exploration and growth

When we look at other living beings around us, we realize, as humans we have something unique about us, we all live and explore things around us as we believe we grow every day. We are intelligent, we have a sense of our existence, as we innovate every day to understand to live the way we want. We all know, we all have to die one day and that is the end, but the question is not what to do with death, but what to do with life.

You are living for a blurred purpose, which you somehow know exists or existed sometime in your life and you are not able to carry it along with you consciously, but no matter what, it is always walking with you. In the daily today we somehow lose track of the purpose, we are doing what we do and living with the guilt of not being able to do what we wanted to do. Why? What are you waiting for? It is not that easy to get some time out of the day for the thing you want to do, stepping out of your comfort zone, or to just push a little bit more, but one day you have to do it, so why to wait.

You just need to look for that purpose to explore the life you wanted to live and grow towards that purpose and sense how beautiful life can be.

We all are hungry about exploring the world around us and this hunger for exploration never ends, no matter how much we try. Just take an example of the TV series you are watching, the wait for the next episode seems long and sometimes it keeps you busy thinking about what will happen next. We are humans and we can think and we need topics to think about, the more we know the more difficult it is to stop thinking about anything, here comes the second part of the requirement, Growth. Growth help balance out the exponential urge to keep exploring, you need a break and for that, you need to feel accomplished. The growth is when a goal is achieved from one of your recent explorations. It’s in our innate nature, we look for meanings to things, we learn and we want to apply. In your life, you can do what you always wanted anytime, it’s just about getting started and consciously feeling that purpose, the reason to live for.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

It feels bad to feel bad

Being in the emotion of uncomfortableness feels bad, you want to try and control what’s in your head, but there is something which drives you away from calmness and into the chaos. In that phase of time you try to look for shelter, a place where you can hide and run away from the world. But what if, when you know where the shelter is but cannot be there, as it seems farther and fear that the problem will reach before you reach.
Then you find yourself in the middle of the problem and you can see your shelter but you are not there yet. You feel frustrated, agonized and feel like quitting and giving up. Suddenly you realize that the shelter is also coming towards you, you are not alone, but the solution is walking with you, you just had to look towards it.
This gives you hope and strength to carry on and not give up and just try a little bit more, when you see someone trying for you, the best they could. 
You feel bad when things are bad and then you feel bad about feeling bad, but there is still someone in your story who knows about that moment and is ready to help, you just need to let them!

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Passing through the past with your present

As you see yourself standing where you used to before and you thought you will never come back again, but you are here, standing right there, again. You are in a better present and the past was almost gone, but again, you are here, standing with those memories but a different experience.
Its been a while and things have changed and changed for the good. You are unsure about what is happening around, but you are still sure about what you have today. You don’t want to give up on that one thing that is most valuable to you today and for that it is ok to move past the past.
It will make you more strong, it will tell you how much you have grown and how things are today, better than yesterday.
You can look back and be sad about things which are gone or you can experience the present moving to the future. You will be distracted by your past, once in a while, but you need to make sure it’s time to blur it out and focus on the present.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

When success doesn’t feel like success

You are there, right where you wanted to be, but it no more feels like the right goal or maybe you are stuck in so much fog and cannot see the brighter side. It seems like people believe in you or at least some times you feel they do, but you no more trust yourself.

You are trying to get up and live the success, but you are just unable to get up and experience it. You are trying to find someone who will show you the brighter side of things, but you are unable to find them.

But you know, it is just a phase, which will most likely pass by, but all the newness and shine of the success will be lost by then.