Friday, February 11, 2011

the Android 2.3 OliveSmart V-S300- India's first HSPA+ phone

Android 2.3 Gingerbread Operating System

The OliveSmart leverages the awesome power of the world’s most popular mobile OS Android with the latest 2.3 Gingerbread version. The OliveSmart is the first Indian mobile phone to be offered with this version out of the box. This iteration of Android brings with it a bundle of features and enhancements that make your mobile phone even more AWESOME. A few of the top GingerBread features are :
  • New Keyboard with faster input processing and cut and paste functionality
  • A better user interface complete with new color schemes and UI changes
  • Active Power management allowing you to view and control which apps take up your precious battery life.
  • New and improved download manager
  • Multiple camera support

The Full Internet Experience, Finally!
With Flash support out of the box, the OliveSmart Android phone gives you the power to experience the Internet just like you would on your laptop or desktop. Combined with superfast Internet download speeds@ 14.4 Mbps and the snapdragon processor, you get WebPages which not only look good but also load super fast

1Ghz Snapdragon ProcessorThe Real Firestarter – Presenting the Snapdragon

Tech heads and gadget addicts meet your newest God. The OliveSmart packs in the all the goodness and power of the 1 GHZ Snapdragon processor. This path breaking processor has redefined mobile processing by combining multimedia, WiFi and efficient power management like never before. With your OliveSmart Android phone beating with the heart of a dragon, you can be sure enjoy a symbiosis of performance, function and features. A few of the key features this dragon gives you are:
  • Full web browsing and reliable real time connectivity
  • Seamless streaming and playback of HD video content
  • Optimized 3D UI for applications, games, maps and lots more.
  • Social Networks made simple with easy access through instant messaging, chat and video conferencing.
  • Full support for third party applications

4.1 Capacitive Touch screen – Rule by your touch

4.1 inches capacitive touch screenSay bye to squinting on tiny mobile phone screens. With a big 4.1 widescreen display, you can watch movies, browse pictures, the internet or play games on your very own portable wide screen display. A high resolution of 800x480 and ability to play 720p HD content combine to give you the best in mobile entertainment. Capacitive touch control gives godlike control on the OliveSmart’s hypersensitive display making this Android powerhouse a breeze to use.

4.1 inches capacitive touch screenGPS Navigation with Lifetime Subscription to MapmyIndia

Preloaded with Google Maps and MapMyIndia (lifetime subscription) software it acts as a perfect foil to your travelling instincts. Be it unknown addresses or new places the OliveSmart’s in built GPS sensor makes sure you never take a wrong turn again. Now explore India with freedom and your OliveSmart Android Phone.

check out olive's website for further info.

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