Saturday, February 19, 2011

iOS in-App Ads Make More Per User Than Android

New study has shown the true earning potential that free iOS apps have achieved. The study compared several different types of advertisement-supported apps on iOS and Android platforms and analyzed how much money they were able to make per user. The results show pretty clearly that ad-supported apps can easily rival the paid variety in terms of earning potential.
The study was conducted by Mobclix, an advertising management company, and analysed apps in three categories (utilities, entertainment and games) across the iOS and Android platforms. The study shows that iPhone users have a much higher profitability than Android users in each of the three categories.
Studying the average revenue gained from a single user per month (only among popular apps with 500,000+ downloads and two or more weeks spent in the top 10 downloads) Mobclix came up with the following results:

Utility Apps: iPhone - $9.50; Android - $7.20
Entertainment Apps: iPhone - $6.70; Android - $4.90
Video Games: iPhone - $4.00; Android - $1.90

Mobclix did not offer an explanation for why certain types of apps differ so greatly in ad revenue, or why Android eyeballs are apparently less valuable.

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