Saturday, May 14, 2011

Google I/O 2011- Google chromebook the future of cloud computing-let's get in the cloud

Google I/O 2011 is going on and Google on day 2 of the event introduced the new OS platform or one can say the future of cloud computing.
Acer and Samsung are the two companies who have already jumped into this venture by putting up their hardware on the Google chrome OS. It's been a long time since the OS was released back in 2009, but google thought the has come to jump into the market with this opensource OS.

Google is really targeting the audience who really live there life on the cloud or are always on the go and needs their stuff wherever they go. The OS doesn't have any applications to install, no need to update softwares and all, it just has a web browser to connect to the web and the cloud data you have. And now with the chrome web store and the applications available for the chrome web browser it looks to be a good move getting in the mode of cloud computing with a fast OS with just nothing more then a web browser.

If you already spend most of your time in a web browser most of the time when you are using your computer for tasks such as using social networks such as facebook, twitter and myspace, or watching videos online on youtube or may be blogging and checking your mails them it's a nice choice for you. It's very effective for those as well who doesn't have much knowledge of softwares and hack tic and complicated features of the OSs and are tired of the popups for the updates, this OS is again a good choice.

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