Thursday, June 9, 2011

Official Windows 8 finally previewed- lots of promising new features, with HTML5 and other web languages build apps(with video))

So now it's official and the beta is just around the corner to be released to the public. The new OS from microsoft is a dual layered OS in simple language one is the windows phone 7 UI layer the home layer and the other layer is not much different from Windows 7
, with just a few modifications in terms of UI with the robin menus in the explorer and a few enhancements in terms of the performance of the operating system. One can also run the older apps from the previous versions of the Microsoft OS. Windows 8 apps use the power of HTML5, tapping into the native capabilities of Windows using standard JavaScript and HTML to deliver new kinds of experiences. These new Windows 8 apps are full-screen and touch-optimized, and they easily integrate with the capabilities of the new Windows user interface. It will be very interesting to see the beta release of the OS and try it.

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