Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The top 5 Free Antivirus Programs for windows

Here are a list of top five free anti-virus software for windows and which one is the best freebie for you.

1. AVG
anti-virusAvg is the World's most downloaded free anti-virus and is quite good as well for those users who are light users of their PCs and are not willing to spend money on buying a full fledged internet security program that could effect their pockets. So for all who are looking for a free option for an anti-virus program, AVG could be a good option for you.

2. Microsoft security essentials
If you are a windows fan and want to get secure the windows way this could be the must have software meant for you. It provides a simple user interface and is not much difficult to scan and update for the new users.

3. Avast
Avast is a good and an old name in the anti-virus software industry and if you surely like the speaking anti-virus which speaks to you in a soft girls voice while searching for viruses, then it is good to have this one. The user interface might look difficult for the new users but is not that much difficult that one cannot learn it, the performance is also fairly good and it also has the option of boot time scan which could be effective sometimes.

4. Avira
Avira is a simple and a low name good anti-virus and is quite light and powerful to use for a low configuration PC user.

5. PC tool anti-virus
It is another light weight anti-virus and is quite effective and simple looking.

So all the options mentioned are good and you can try them out each one of it and find out which one suits your use the best.

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