Sunday, July 17, 2011

Transform your boring looking windows 7 into mac OS X lion 10.7

Now with just a few simple steps you can transform your PC into a mac, or transform windows 7 into mac os X lion.
Just download the custopack (Download) and Lion pack 5.0 (Download) and simply follow the instructions in the install window. Make sure to install custopack before installing the lion pack 5.0.

new updated version of the transformation pack


  1. Hiii. Pari, this is Anubhav... I am jus happy to see you with your blog...its exciting.. talking about Transform your boring looking windows 7 into mac OS X lion 10.7 ...if ever i want to revert my appearence to original windows 7 themes, what should i be doing..??? ...and also is this transformation safe for GUI system files for of windows 7...???

  2. if u want the default theme back then just right click then personalize and select the default themes from the list, if you are using home basic or starter this option is not available then just go to windows folder in c drive or the other idf u have windows installed in the other one, find resources folder and then themes here u see the list of all the themes in your system including the default one

    this is safe but scan it with your antivirus and if it ditect something then better not do this
    sometimes antivirus also warns if a file tries to modify the system files
    so read what message the anti virus gives....

  3. My Computer Information:
    1. I use windows xp and 7 on the same computer, I think thats called a Dual Processor.
    Thats all u need to know

    Ok so the problem is, I did everything the video said to and finally I restarted my computer. My computer gave me a choice of Xp or 7 SO i CHOSE Windows 7. and after that my windows 7 wont start up! like not working at all. Im currently on my xp! Please answer as fast as possible!

    1. it is some other issue, not because of the installation, you can do one thing, in the OS choice screen highlight Windows 7 and press F8 and then open the option of system recover, first try and fix the any of the startup issues and if it doesnt work out, try recover mode and hope you have any of the system generated restore points...

  4. This is a nice tutorial and I've always wanted to try out an Apple type layout. The one thing I would caution everyone to do FIRST is to create a restore point. When making changes to your Windows files this is the first thing you should do, that way you can always boot back up in safe mode and restore from the restore point.

    A question for you Pari, I mess around with doing some tutorials for students and friends, the one thing I haven't figured out how to do is to record myself in the lower right corner and the screen capture at the same time. Currently I use Corel Visual Studio for video editing. Can you tell me the set-up you use? It would be much appreciated.


    1. really nice suggestion to make a restore point

      n for windows the best screen recorder is Camtasia Studio better try that out, I have used the same in this video as well so better try that out it is great and easy to use ...


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