Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Best alternative for Textmate for Windows, Linux and even mac users

There are many text editors available for every one of the platforms, but the Textmate's simple design and some very unique features has made it a popular choice among developers, For the Windows and Linux based developers there is not much options available which are such simple in terms of design and usability
, but don't worry folks here is a good solution for the Windows and Linux based developers and even for mac ones. The editor is "sublime text" it is very simple in design and is available for all the platforms. At the time of this post the beta of the editor is available and is on a evaluation and the time limit for the evaluation is not defined. So use it as long as you can it is very effecting and powerful, it offers supports almost all languages from c/c++, python, java, javascript, html, css and many more. So better give it a try and you will definitely like it.


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