Friday, August 12, 2011

Games now on Google Plus-( with Google official Video )

Games are rolling out to field trial users in Google+, and coming to all accounts soon. So finally the new social network from Google "The Google Plus" has Games to offer it's users. This allows users to play with their friends and other users in Google+
and enjoy the social gaming experience in the social network. This came in late for those who are already on Google Plus but the network is still under beta and lots of new things are still to come before it is finally released to the public. Also to mention, according to Google engineering director David Glazer, the initial batch of games was intentionally kept small so as to "get the kinks out of our APIs." Glazer said Google would be adding more developers and features "in small steps" ahead of a public release and this is surely a good news for the developer community looking to get their hands in Google+.


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