Saturday, August 27, 2011

Install Adobe Digital Editions offline to read pdf and ePub

Adobe Digital Editions is a good way to read epub and pdf ebooks on mac and windows. But to have it installed you need to be online and sometimes might find problems connecting to the adobe server tho download the required files during the installation.
But no worries like any other software Adobe Digital Editions also has an offline installer. You can download or if the link doesn't work you can go to the download page, below the install button you will find a line "If you have trouble installing Digital Editions, see the installation TechNote." click on the link "see the installation TechNote" and you will be take to a new page, now move down to the "Manually install Adobe Digital Editions for Windows" and there will be a link in one of the lines to install. Similarly for mac users move to the section "Manually install Adobe Digital Editions for Mac OS" and you will find the link to install the setup. 


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