Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Speedup windows Operating System(XP/Vista/7) by removing temporary files

Here is a simple way to remove that unwanted clutter from your system, every time you install some software in Windows it makes some temporary files for that installation and they are never removed until you actually remove them. Well this could result in slow computer speed, so how can this be solved, do I need a software, and have to spend money on it...? The answer to this is simply, no. There are many softwares available to do this task but here is a more cheap and rather simpler way. Just open the run panel from the start menu or through the keyboard shortcut, win + r and type the command %temp% and press enter now select all the files and delete them. Some files will still not be deleted, just simply skip them, and don't worry about the files they are of no use to you and for the system.


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