Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Android Dominates the Smartphone market share in the last three months

The Smartphone market is growing and so as the Android handset's market share. Without any doubt the open source platform is dominating the smartphone market share and in the last three months the market share of the OS driven handsets has an overall share of 43% and just in the last three months the sales of the Android driven handsets has a share of 56% which clearly tells that the users are also opting for the Android based devices,
what ever may be the reason but the result matters. Apple still has a fair number of sales and is surly a go to platform if you are not low on the pocket. The overall market share of iOS is 28% which is remarkable because Android has got a huge range of devices from the budget ones to the smart ones as compares to the Apple which only has a single phone but it's an iPhone. So you can't actually say Android is dominating because apple has a lesser range of devices and fighting with almost a universal platform for most of the phones the Android.


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