Monday, September 5, 2011

Best dock for windows users can also be used as expose- Xwindows Dock

XWindows dock has been around for a while but was over shadowed by the success of Rocketdock and ObjectDock, but as it is getting popular it is really gaining top features. Xwindows dock is a light Dock for the Windows users, works well in Xp vista and even 7 and has got some very exciting features such as the expose, just clicking and holding the icon bring up the expose view of the program.
It looks good and has almost all the features which a windows user need to feel like the mac dock. The team working on the dock has also released the Developer API for the developers around the world to work on the plugins for the dock. The only feature which I felt is missing from the dock is auto hide but it will be really coming in soon in the next release of the dock. Just download the dock from here and just try it out it is free.


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