Thursday, September 22, 2011

Facebook adds three new features is it the answer to Google (Video)

Facebook added three more new and noticeable features in the worlds largest social network. The new features include the "friend list" in which you can organize you friends like you do it in circles in Google plus and you get the control of what you share with whom,
 second is the new improved "news" feeds which gives you the control about what you want to see in your home page and the final one is "Ticker", this is one feature which is the most interesting one of the lot, this helps you keep in touch about what your friends are doing. Well without a doubt this is because of the public release of Google's social network. Google Plus, in the last few years how often you have seen Facebook making so many changes in the social network. Well whatever this is but it is good for users as they are getting more features and more control over their content.


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