Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hide files and folders in Windows XP/Vista/7 basic windows tip

You can easily hide our files and folder in Microsoft Windows7/Vista/Xp with just a few clicks. First select the files or folders you want to hide right click on them and click properties then tick the check-box in front of hidden and click apply, the folder will now be hidden.

 To see the hidden files and folders go to the tools drop down menu in the menu bar (if you are in 7 just press alt to see the menu bar) and click on folder options, a new windows will popup just go to the view tab and select the checkbox in front of show hidden files folders and drives

and you will be able to see the hidden files little dim from the normal files right click on them and just uncheck the hidden option. You can do this to many folders at a single time and even to entire folders.

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