Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How to Dualboot Windows 7 and Windows XP

There are two ways in which this could be done one for those who are installing Windows 7 on top if Windows XP and also for those trying to put Windows XP on top of Windows 7. Well in both cases you can easily dualboot both windows installations.
If you are installing windows 7 on top of windows XP it is fairly easy to do this, just install windows 7 in any of the drives which doesn't have the XP installation and the 7 installation builds the boot file for you to dual boot both the OS and you will get the OS choice menu menu while you open your system. But things could go little tricky when you try to install Windows XP on top of Windows 7. In this case, just install Windows XP in a different drive then Windows 7 installation drive, complete the installation and now get a tool called Vistaboot PRO to edit you boot menu. This gives a simple UI to fix this issue just replace the boot file with the windows 7/Vista boot loader and restart the system, you will boot into windows 7 installed befre windows XP. Now just an OS entry for your XP installation using Vistaboot PRO, the windows installation it's easy to grab so just figure out how to use it and it will surely make this problem an ease, you can even rename your OS entries. Have fun trying this out and be careful about the data.

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