Monday, September 26, 2011

How to Insert special characters like copyright in Windows

Well how often you have found yourself in a situation when you needed a special character like copyright © but shockingly that key is not available in your in your keyboard, now what. One way is to search the web for that sign and copy and paste it, but why use such long method and it is really not useful when you don't know the name of the specific symbol, but no worries.
Windows has a set of character lists which you can copy and paste offline and it is already in your operating system. To access the feature just simply go to start menu and type character map and open "character map", this gives you the list of all the characters that you will be looking for, it provides the option of selecting and copying it, just copy and paste in the required location and you are all done. Another way to access character map is to navigate to All Programs-> accessories->system tools->character map. So this is how you do it enjoy playing with the characters.


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