Thursday, September 8, 2011

Joli OS 1.2 Installation freezes at 79%- Fix for the problem

Joli OS is a nice option for the netbook users who want to try some different OS. The OS can be installed as the OS replacement or it can be installed within windows. And the post is for those who have tried installing it with Windows operating system or are looking to install it.
There is a, you can say bug in the OS it freezes at 79 % during the installation, you might not face this problem but if you do here is a simple solution.
Just unplug your ethernet cable and the installation goes in fine. I faced the problem and the solution did work for me, I think the problem is because of the windows network bridge not recognized by the OS or something, but who cares about the cause as long as this trick works out and the developer team will be looking to fix this problem in the next build.


  1. Works in Virtualbox too, unticked the 'cable connected' button and install proceeded.
    Many thanks!!


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