Thursday, September 29, 2011

MOve the start menu to the top right or left in XP/Vista/7

If you are using windows 7 then it is as simple as it gets just right click on the taskber and go to properties a window will popup go to the taskbar tab and choose the options in frount of Taskber location on screen and hit apply.

But if you have not switched to Windows 7 and still use windows Vista or XP don't wory even you can do this with ease, just right click on the taskbar and make sure that there is no tick in front of "lock the taskbar" option if there is just click on it and again right click to make sure that it has gone, now just drag the start menu to the edges where you want them to top, left, or right, you might find a little difficulty doing this in the first attempt but keep trying it does work.


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