Thursday, September 8, 2011

No more Meego OS- Intel rumored to Stop the development

Meego, how often you have heard this name, I haven't herd of it much, but this is an Operating System which is developed by Intel, the processor giants. There have been rumors floating around that the company is looking to stop the development of the OS for an unknown duration
and wants to concentrate on making chips for the windows phone 7 and Android Platform. This news is really not from Intel, instead when Intel was asked about these rumors the reply was that they love the Meego platform. The rumors are on because of the new device from Nokia, the Nokia N9 which is coming with the OS pre-installed. Nokia is not looking much excited about the device and is launching in limited parts of the globe, so this may be the reason for the rumors about the death of the OS. And lastly even ASUS is planning to come up with a device pre-installed with the OS Asus Eee PC X101. So will have to wait and watch what is the future of the OS.

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