Thursday, September 29, 2011

Quick tip to dual boot dualboot windows7 and windows 8 with and without burnt disk

This is realy not a difficult thing to do there are many ways to do this. One of them is to simply burn the disk and reboot your system and boot from the windows 8 deeloper preview disk which you have just burnt and select the drive during installation in which you want to put Windows 8 developer preview but make sure that the drive is not having the windows 7 installation.
Now just complete the installation process and when the installation is over you will be welcomed with the new windows 8 OS chooise menu with both the installation in it.
 But if you dont want to burn the disk you can stil dual booth the OS, just install 2 windows 7 installtions in different drives and just mount the disk image in the windows 7 installation, the one which you want to change to windows 8, if you version supports the upgrade you can opt for it but I would recomend installing a fresh copy over it as I have faced a few issues with the upgrade. So choose any one of these and you are ready to go.

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