Sunday, September 25, 2011

Turn of the cancel and allow popup windows in Windows 7

Well if you are a windows user you must be aware about these popup messages popping up whenever you install a new software. I don't know know how useful these messages and and how important they are for you, but if you don't want windows to ask every time when you install the software then here is a solution for you.
You just need to change the user control settings just switch to control panel then navigate to the system and security then move to change user account control settings and the windows will open allowing you to customize the way you are notified while performing actions, slide that bar to the bottom and will never be asked again, if you love this feature you can put it to the top as well. The other simple way to excess this is to go to start menu and start typing user control and you will get the shortcut to the final step straight away. 


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