Thursday, September 8, 2011

Windows Phone 7 apps could run on the new windows 8 OS from microsoft- Rumor or reality

Well windows Phone 7 just has a 2% market share in the smartphone industry and this is really not a good thing if you are a Windows Phone 7 developer, but here is a good news. Windows has been focusing on single unified platform for all the devices ranging from smartphones, tablets to PC's and this could well mean same apps could run on all the devices running the windows platform.
Before as well Microsoft gave a hint about the support for the HTML5 apps in Windows 8 and this means they are series about the developer community building apps for their platform. With the dominance of the iOS and Android platform and the interest of developers towards this platform could well have forced Microsoft to take this step. And to add more to this Windows 8 as we know supports the ARM based devices as well so this could may well be a reason to believe in this. Rumor or reality, you never know.


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