Monday, October 10, 2011

Facebook chat outside Facebook with chat client

Well there are many options available to use Facebook chat outside of facebook that too for no price, absolutely free. The free chat client options which can be used to use facebook chat account are: miranda-im, Trillian, Digsby and you can even use skype to chat on facebook by just linking your facebook account to Skype and it's all done. They all are free and good tolls to chat with your facebook friends all have good customizing options you can download themes for all of them and change the looks.
Check each one of them out it hardly takes a few minutes to download them and see which works for you the most or which suites your style, u can compare them on the time they take to open the accounts and make the chat fully available to talk as a means to compare the apps with each other. So have fun chatting with your Facebook friends :) .

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