Sunday, October 9, 2011

When is Apple iPhone 4S coming to India and what price

Well this is a question in minds of all the techies in India, when is the all new and super cool Apple iPhone 4S coming to India. Well this is just not coming soon in this part of the globe at least not before 6 to 10 months. So what if I ask somebody to get one from US...? This is certainly not a good idea to get one which will not give you the costumer support the warranty and the rest of the support from Apple because you will have to jailbreak the iPhone 4S before using it as it is only available locked in the US with the respective carriers like AT&T, Verizon and all.
Now what will be the price of iPhone 4S when it comes, well people are directly converting the US Dollar prices to the Indian currency and estimating that it is around Rs 10,000, but this is certainly not true at all, in the US the price comes up with a two year contract with the carrier and one also pays for the data plans, so when it will come to India it will be priced same as the old iPhone launches ranging Rs 40,000 to Rs 50,000. You will surely have to wait for the new iPhone 4S but still iPhone 4 is not a bad option at the moment to have in your hand and it same in the design, just the software processor and the camera update but i hope you can wait for it :) .
Here is the latest update on this : iPhone 4S officially coming to India


  1. but if we buy an unlocked phone from US than will we get warranty ??

  2. ya you will surely get the warranty but that is way too expensive then the normal iphone 4s its around 500 to 700 us dollars. that will be around 23000 to 33000 in indian currency.... But the unlocked version of iphone 4s has not yet released it will take a month or 2...

    you can also jailbrake it and use it... anyway u will have to jailbrake it to get the most out of it... if u dont jailbrake your iphone you will have to pay for the most of the apps...

    so i suggest you to get it from us now... even i am doin the same thing.... rest is on you dude....

  3. for warranty you will have to register your device to apple online and if you jailbreak it it might be little sot of workout for but there is certainly no problem in getting it from US but still it depends on your budget more than anything else.....! and it's your choice how early you want the device....!


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