Friday, November 25, 2011

Apple iPhone 4S hits Indian Stores- high price an issue for buyers

So finally It is here in India, iPhone 4S now officially available in India. From today iPhone 4S goes on sale, it is at the moment available with Aircel and Airtel. The device is quite early this time in India as compared to the previous iPhone launches, which took almost 6 to 8 months after the US launch, but the time has changed and this time Apple launches the iPhone 4S in India just after about a months time of US release.
Good signs for Indian Apple fans that Apple is taking interest in the Indian market, but the price of the new iPhone 4S has been a point to talk about among the Indians looking to buy it. iPhone 4S is available in three variants priced as, 16GB for Rs.44,500, 32GB for Rs.50,900 and the 64GB version for Rs.57,900. There are certainly no doubts about the features of the phone and the form factor of the iPhone 4S but the high price will certainly result in a relatively less number of buyers and with the design similar the the iPhone 4 and also the reduced prices, the iPhone 4 will be a better option if you are low in the budget. So if you are looking to have one iPhone 4S in your hands contact Aircel or Airtel retailers.


  1. The arrival of the iPhone 4S in India is not for the Poor. It's for the rich people. If you're thinking about the price, the iPhone 4S is not for you. Go get a cheap Samsung.

  2. right the iPhone certainly looks to be the one for the rich.........!


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