Thursday, November 10, 2011

How to see file extensions in Windows

Are you looking to see the file extension of a particular file in your windows machine but Windows doesn't show you the file type, don't worry here is a simple trick to see the file extensions such as .exe, .pdf, .jpeg.... etc. what Windows do is, it hides the known file type extensions and you are loft with only the name of the file.
just click on the tools option in the menu bar, if you are using Windows 7 press alt to activate the menu bar or if you want Windows to always show the menu bar refer to this post "Make windows always show menu bar". Now just go to folder options.., a new window will pop up

now hit the view tab and search for "hide extensions for known file types" and un-check or un-mark the box in front of this text and then finally hit apply.
and this is it, you are all set to see the file extensions in front of the files in your Windows machine.

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