Tuesday, November 15, 2011

iOS first choice of developers across the globe

For developers nothing is like the Apple's iOS platform, it is certainly the most preferred choice of developers across the globe. According to Appcelerator‘s Q4 2011 report iOS is the most preferred choice choice of developer when it comes to choosing a platform for the app development and this was surely no surprise.
But the noticeable thing in the report was the Windows Phone 7 platform which has raised it's numbers to reach the third most preferred platform after iOS and Android and is gaining a bit of popularity in the developer community in the last few months and also the fact that Nokia has jumped in the business with the Nokia Lumia 800. The platform which suffered due to the popularity of Windows Phone was Blackberry which moved to 4th from second in the list, but still their is no match for iOS and android and if you you are looking to start developing for a platform then iOS and Android is one of the best places to start from.

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