Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Is Facebook still a better place to make Friends online

In the recent few weeks Facebook is flooded with some of the inappropriate content. In these last few weeks the most probably the fake users of the social network are are posting in a lot of Porn and Violent Images. Though Facebook is warning the users for violating the policies but at the end of the day this is business and you cannot hurt your costumers no matter they are good or bad. Well what to take from this is it that Facebook has lost it's interest in the users and started to run after the profit part of the equation or is it the users who are misusing the platform in the wrong way. Who ever might be responsible for this but the unwanted materials one's personal space on Facebook is really a serious matter to consider.
Facebook can't be so harsh on this because of the relation with the costumers and they can't be so light on this because Facebook is a platform which has a huge number of users ranging form a 13 year old to a 100 year old and the content on the site should be in accordance to the age group.
The response to this from the users have been hard on Facebook and they were right in mentioning that seeing a porn popping on news feeds just as your parents or grandparents having a look at it. Pictures of head blown up or a dead dog and many other horrible pics have been a part of Facebook in a last few months and Facebook is certainly not the place to share this sot of stuff. Will people understand this or Facebook is going to take a strict action against these activities, only time will tell.

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