Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My Facebook fake profile

This is certainly a common thing these days on Facebook that someone creates a fake Facebook profile of you or may be one of your friends. In the last few months I have encountered 5-6 such actions on my friend’s Facebook profiles. These profiles have the same photos of the person and also have the same name and detail information. But the question is if someone has already created my fake profile or one of my friends, then what to do.
Here are some steps you can take to know who created the fake profile and how to ask Facebook to delete the profile. So let the hack begin….. ;)
Ask one of your friends to be friend with fake profile that will allow your hacking team to access the actions and information of that person. First see the wall and note down some key thing the first 5-6 friends that the profile owner made, check the photos if they have comment and note down the names of the people commenting, they could be possible victims. Now check for the email address of the fake profile and you might possibly get some hints from it, but less chances. So by following these steps if you are able to know the person owning that fake profile it’s good but if not don’t worry. Hacking into a Facebook account is quite tough, there are ways it can be done but it is illegal and no matter the profile is fake you can still run into problems. So the best way is to ask as much friends as you can to report abuse that profile for that just visit the profile and in the left bottom corner click on Report/Block, a popup will open check “This profile is pretending to be someone or is fake” and follow the instruction, Facebook does take strong actions and do take reports seriously so there are chances that Facebook will remove that profile.

Finally if nothing happens keep on messaging the person to remove the profile and if this is a serious matter you can take this matter to legal actions.

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  1. Jeg har været udsat for at en har lavet en fake profil af en af mine venner på facebook. Jeg fik en besked sendt D.19 Oktober hvor der stod noget ubehalig. Jeg slettede den derfor. D.4 November fik jeg tilsendt den samme besked... Kan ikke gå ind på denne falske profil da den er blevet slettet. Hvordan skal jeg lige reagere på sådan noget? Kan i hjælpe mig?


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