Friday, November 11, 2011

Nokia GEM phone or a touch screen- Future mobile (Video)

Nokia uploaded a video about a concept device named as "Nokia GEM concept device" it is certainly not a phone it's a new kind of touchscreen that can do cool stuff. It has a display on every corner of the device and you can touch it anywhere.
It looks cool and can do some Sci-Fi stuff and it's more than just a phone it's something out of the box stuff from Nokia, it will be interesting to see such a device in real but for now you enjoy the Sci-Fi stuff in this video from Nokia. Well is it the future of mobiles, well wish so it's really super cool, do share it on social networks and let your friends know the future of mobiles ;).


  1. When is this phone going to be released?

  2. no idea this is just a concept phone at the moment


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