Monday, November 14, 2011

Simplest way to create the .pdf files

Well how often you wanted to make a document in the popular .pdf format, but really don't know the tools to really create the pdf file. There are so many software available for making pdf files out of any type of document but I think the most easy and effective way to create a pdf document is to use one of the most popular software in the industry which every one for sure knows and that is no different then the Microsoft Word.
If you use MS word 2007 or higher or the latest version of the software then you just have the tool. Just create the file as you would in a normal office document and then while saving the document make sure you chose to save it as a pdf file as shown in the image below.
and this is it, that is what you need to do to make a pdf file, but what ever content you want in it and you are all ready to get a document without worrying about the fonts you used or the images you linked to it.

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