Friday, November 25, 2011

Why Facebook is better to stay connected then Google Plus

Lots of talks are going on about the competition between Facebook and Google Plus and rightly so, two big names in the business and having similar products. Although they are similar but not same both social networks have taken a few things from each other, no one to blame on that it’s the need of the hour.
There are many features which are important to a user using social network and so there is no point in saying that they copy each other. But in this race of connecting people both social networks have different approaches and this is the most differentiating thing about them. Facebook is more sot of connective as compared to Google +, yes agreed that in Google + you have more control over your data but in Facebook you have more control over your relationships with friends and family members. This ability to connect People in relationships is what makes Facebook such a success when it comes to connecting with people you know and care about, whereas on the other hand Google is turning more of a platform for the popular ones to connect with their fans. But still the decision is yours what you feel is a better way to connect.


  1. It's already caught on - G+ isn't meant to be like FB or Bebo. It's for people who have something to say and not people who have to say something, so to speak. :-) It's engaging, stimulating and has a collaborative atmosphere. FB/Myspace type of networking sites have in many ways aided a degradation of social norms and cultures. G+ seems to be having the opposite effect. In a sense, it's good for people.

    Compare The Simpsons to Shakespeare's Macbeth or something. It might not be entirely mainstream, but it will possibly be around for a lot longer.

  2. right, this article is to highlight the fact that FB is better place for connecting with friends and family members as compared to Google+ n will soon be writing on Google+ as well....!


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