Monday, December 26, 2011

Acer going through a bad time in the Tablet market

Acer is one of the big names in the notebook and netbook industries but is really struggling to make a name for itself in the Tablet market. No matter what the reason for that is but is still to early to decide to backup from the market, tablet is a new market or rather relatively new.
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It came as a surprise to me company's founder Stan Shih remarked about the poor sales of the tablets Acer has produced so far and was not to sure about the future of Acer in the tablet market as the losses increase. Acer is likely to cut down on the PC line and focus more on the tablet instead, as tablets sure is the future device to go for at the moment. Stan Shih also looks to be having some plans about cutting on the mobile devices as well and moving the team to work fully on the tablets. Acer was very hopeful about the Iconia Tab line of Tablets to compete in the market with the likes of Apple iPad but that dream is no where near to the goal, for Acer it is time to put in sum thoughts in the tablets and put in some great ideas in their to make an impact in the market of tablets.

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