Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Apple TV the iTV may be coming this Summer

There are so much talk floating about the new Apple TV which might be the iTV if Apple follows the same naming convention. Apple TV parts are almost in the production line starting early parts of 2012 and will be ready for the launch spring or the Summer time. The reports tell that the "iTV" will feature 32 and 37 inches display, it will be a fully functional TV with some expected addons from Apple in terms of connectivity and Entertainment.
Some sources are reporting the release to be the summer time, while some of the other sources claim that the release could be stretched to somewhere around November-December or may be the year 2013. We might see the popular Siri voice recognition build right into the Apple TV sets, other possibility is the integration of the iCloud with DVR-style show recording built-in, which will allow users to sync what they watch on iTV with the other iDevices like iPhone, iPad and the mac via iCloud. So hoping to here something official from Apple soon on the iTV.

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