Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Block Proof your Facebook account and know who is not accepting your Friend request

If you are sending too many friend requests and those friend requests are not accepted, then you are certainly in some trouble, you might face a ban from Facebook which disables some functions like sending friend requests and messages. But I have a solution for you to ban proof your Facebook account and also keep a check on the people whom you have sent friend request.
Just simply create an empty list and whenever you add someone as a friend, just put him/her in that list so that you can keep a check that who all have not accepted your friend request. As soon as they accept your friend request remove them form that list so that it doesn't become cluttered. To be on the safer side if some one is not accepting your friend request for 10-20 days or more rather cancel the friend request if you don't know them and have too much number of people whom you have added as friend. Do not send friend requests to more than 10-15 people at a time or rather not let more than 20 friends unknown or known non people in that list for long. Here is the video which might help you out in the process.


  1. trick is gud bro. but is there any such software which directly tells that who is acceptd and who don't....!!??

    1. naah their is no application or software available to do that because of privacy concerns, you might find apps which say to do that but they are all fake....!

      the Facebook API only allows information from your connection so the apps cannot be developed with this information ....!


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