Friday, December 16, 2011

A different Samsung Galaxy Note in the US at AT&T

US is getting a different version of the Samsung Galaxy Note, the US version will be different then the International version. The most noticeable change with the US version is, the International version has the Exynos dual core processor whereas the US AT&T version will have the Snapdragon processor. Snapdragon processor is dual core and the chip also has support for the 3G HSPA+ networks and also the 4G LTE. The Galaxy note is expected to release January on the AT&T network and is surely a good hybrid for people confused between a tablet and a smartphone.


  1. Is LTE going to be per-provider incompatible feature or is there some common ground (like with 3G for unlocked Nexus One), which would allow for "world" Galaxy Note?

    (I wouldn't buy AT&T locked version with a bunch of crapware, unless it's easy to root it and throw garbage away, still keeping LTE.)

  2. the handset will support lte, AT&T and t-mobile has been serving well with the chip which is on this device (snapdragon)...


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