Sunday, December 25, 2011

Facebook users will soon get ads in the main news feeds

Facebook is free but to maintain Facebook and to pay salaries to the employs they need money and they draw it through advertising. Well this is a simple thing we understand, the ads are not in the main area of the interaction so they don't distract the users, but the other way around that is not working in favor of the advertisers.
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Facebook is going to start putting ads in the main news feeds starting this January 2012 which will be sponsored ads right within the updates from your friends. The bad part is that one will not be able to opt out of the sponsored ads in the news feeds. Facebook has conformed that they are going to show the sponsored ads starting this January. The ads will be finely blended in the news feeds styles and will allow advertisers to innovate with the styling and will give a broader audience, which are most likely to click on the ads. This is a move of changing the orthodox or rather the conventional way of banner advertising into content advertising, which is right in front of and you might ignore the sidebar ads but you can't ignore the in content ones. So it will be interesting to see how long Facebook can take it and how long users are happy with Facebook putting in ads in the content.

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  1. Hi, am glad facebook adding this new feature. And thanks for all the information, Nice post.


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