Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Google 2012 plans of a tablet- Official Android Tablet

Google has already shown signs of launching a Tablet in the mid parts of the next year, just like Google's Nexus smartphone range. Google's Eric Schmidt was in Italy and with an interview with a newspaper he gave a little hint about Google's plans of launching a tablet, he didn't put the matter in the straight way but was clear enough to give a hint on this. The best part of this move from Google is that, this will allow Google to have full control over both the hardware and the software of the Tablet, which is the strong point of the tablet from the competitor the Apple iPad.

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Apple iPad is without a doubt the best tablet in the market and the sales does show that, one of the main reasons have been the control over the hardware and the software from the starting. Google has a very good OS in shape of Android but is lacking some strong hardware when it comes to the tablet market, which gives Apple iPad an edge over Android tablets. So we are hopping to see some great stuff from Google and waiting for the official Android Tablet to hit the markets.

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