Wednesday, December 7, 2011

How to remove people from your circle on Google+

Google+ has got simple ways to add people to your circle and it is even simpler to remove them from your circle without letting them know about this.
Well still if you are confused by the features of Google+ and are unable to figure out how to remove people from your circle, here is the simple solution for you:
Just put your mouse over the name or the profile thumbnail of the person whom you want to remove a menu will popup as shown below....
now put your mouse over the name of the circle and a menu will appear giving you the list of circles you have created with a checkbox in front of them as shown in the image....

now for the final step uncheck the checkbox which is checked and without any issues you have removed the targeted person from your circle.
another way is to simply open their profile and mouse over the name of the circle in front of the person's name and in the menu uncheck the circle in which you have added the person. This is how simple it is to remove people, so have fun and enjoy your time on Google+

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