Sunday, December 25, 2011

Is Meta tag important for a website and how it helps in SEO

This is surely a very good question, if you are in to making websites or you have a blog. The simplest way to answer this is just to say that it is just the introduction to your page what the page is all about, what can found on the page or for a reader "is that the right content I am looking for?"
But there is more to tag then just the introduction or briefing of the page, it helps in the Search Engine Optimization(SEO) as well, it gives the crawlers of the search engines the right information about the page. Now what if you don't have a meta tag in your page, does it effect me in any way..? Yes, it does effect you, some time you might have much content on top of the page, which comes before the main content of the page, this might lead in search engine crawlers misread your page and in that case you will not find a place in the search results. As meta tag is at the top of the page in the head tag the other content within the page doesn't effect it and the search engines get a better understanding of your page and improving you search engine ranking and also will increase your sites traffic.

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