Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Kapil Sibal wants to censor the social media

India's technology minister Kapil Sibal is likely not happy with the "like" on Facebook and he wants to censor the social media websites. Surely with this move the younger generation of the country is not happy. Sibal decided to make this move because of the derogatory content shared and liked by the users of these social networks. "Mr." Kapil Sibal is going to have a meet with the representatives of Facebook, Yahoo, Google and Microsoft to check on this issue.
He is demanding them to ban material that could incite tensions on the subcontinent, no decision on this has been made by the web giants but Sabal Sibal is not taking it lightly and has warned that there could be some serious punishments for sites that don't follow the guidelines in the future. Well who will tell him that India is an independent country and every one of has the right to speak and censoring our personal lives the social media web sites is certainly a rubbish thought, only a non technical person can think this way.

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