Wednesday, December 14, 2011

New Tweetdeck Vs Old Tweetdeck

One of the most popular Twitter client available, Tweetdeck has undergone a transition from Adobe air based app to a native mac and Windows client.
Twitter which officially owns Tweetdeck has came up with the move and the good part about this is that the updates to the app will be few as compered to air based Tweetdeck, but in doing this Tweetdeck has given up some of the features, most noticeable one is the exclusion of Foursquare and LinkedIn which were a part of the older air based version of Tweetdeck. The newer version has got better search and filter capabilities and is still supporting Facebook account integration which is a good sign. Here is a video with the hands on comparison of the old and the newer versions of Tweetdeck one air based and the other native Windows application. No matter what the platform is Tweetdeck is a good option to manage multiple Twitter accounts and also get updated from Facebook.


  1. The old tweetdeck is better.. Only thing that I think they should have changed was the API limits.

  2. I agree, I've installed Tweetdeck on my new computer, and now I can't paste urls, it's lost the translate function, I I can't get i t to shorten urls.

  3. the urls are shortened as they are posted.....!

  4. new tweetdeck is just a bastardized version of which i did not use for a reason.. now if i cannot find a better app i guess I will definitely not be using twitter much.. what a piece of junk.. and I am so angry at Twitter for doing it I am tempted just to jump off Twitter for that reason alone


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