Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year resolutions of a Geek

So new year is just a few hours away and with the new year the first thing people talk about is the new year resolution. Even GEEKs have some new year resolutions and they are quite exciting as well, I have made a list of few resolutions which a Geek would make for the new year.

1. Learn a new programming language.
This is almost a common resolution to make for a Geek, although it turns out to be a bad and a boring idea in the end and they stick to that what they already know. Learning a language is easy and fun to start up but after a few chapters of the book it turns out to be too much boring and time consuming.

2. Try to use computer without a mouse and only use keyboard to do all my actions on my computer.
Trying to use a computer without a mouse is certainly not easy at all, at least one cannot play "Angry Birds" without a mouse. Or one can even prefer using it with the command line, but at the end it turns out that people like us have worked well in the GUI technology and other useful stuff including the mouse so better use a mouse.

3. Will try to read a book that is not science fiction or a user manual.
Well I being a geek don't read fiction at all, the books I prefer are some science stuff or some guides or may be some user manual type stuff. This is a good switch to make but again it is waste of time to read some sot of fictitious fantasy of a random person.

4. Spend at least 1 hour in a week to clean my workplace.
The work place of a geek is most of the time cluttered and they find it easy to spot the tasks in hand but sometimes one misses some major events in the schedule with that clutter confusing things around. So it is better to clean up the workspace for better results....

5. Will not make any resolutions this year try next year.
But this is what it boils down to, choosing the best resolution to make and sticking to what works best, or at least worked best so far.

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