Saturday, December 24, 2011

setting custom backgrounds in Windows 7 and changing Desktop slideshow settings

Here is a quick tip to customize your Windows 7 with custom backgrounds in your desktop.
Windows 7 users except the users of Starter and basic version, just right click on the desktop and click on personalize and a window will pop up with personalizing options look for background area at the bottom of the Window and click on it, here you will find all the options to customize your desktop.
Now for all Windows 7 users also for the Starter and Basic version users, just select the Photo you want as your desktop background and then right click on it, you will find an option in the drop down menu which says "set as desktop background", click on it and you will your desktop background will change to that photo. The Windows 7 users using Home Premium, Ultimate and Professional versions of the OS can select multiple pics at a time and then right clicking on one of the selected pic, then set as desktop background, will allow them to play a slideshow of the selected photos in your desktop. Then after setting a slideshow of pics on your desktop you can customize the slideshow by right clicking on the desktop, then personalize and then background. If you are not clear with the text you can also watch the video below on how to do the above mentioned task.

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