Saturday, December 24, 2011

Why Google is so special

Google, better known as the search giant, is one of the biggest companies in the world. It is one of the biggest and useful brands in the world not because of its algorithm but because of that idea that made it a brand. When Google was in the early phases of its making there were many search engines in the web, but most of them doesn’t even exist now, but why so..?
Is it the Google effect that made others shut down or is it something else. It was certainly Google’s approach to the marketing of Google search and linking a new world of possibilities with a free resource, which at least seems to be free on the users’ side. Making money out of a free tool that too not the orthodox way worked for Google and that idea is what made Google one of the strongest brands on the Internet, not just strongest but actually the biggest brand on the Internet. Google’s approach towards their products has been simple, they provide free tools to the users and out of those free tools they make money through advertisers via something they call monetizing. The idea is simple, the users buy products and advertisers attract users to their products via Google and more the costumers Google manage to redirect to the advertisers’ products more money the advertisers pay. Don’t feel rattled with this it is simple, Google is just acting as an interface between users and brands and for being that interface it is earning a healthy amount of money.

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