Saturday, December 10, 2011

Why Kapil Sibal is right

Well most of the talks on the net have been against India's technology minister, but in fact he is not wrong at all. He never talked about censorship, he was taking about the set of rules about the content which one posts on the social media.
Social media is flooded with pornography and violating images and which is certainly an issue for the social users, some of us are misusing the platform and we must realize the fact that social media is for connecting not for pornography, for that we have porn sites. Social media has policies about the report of the content but as far as I am know the content is still on the web and the owners are surely not taking it seriously, yes agreed to the fact that the variation of the age limit on the content or policies varies according to place but these sites have got thousands of skilled people and saying that it is difficult to manage the content is certainly not an excuse at all. The users of the social media should be using the platform in the right ways and must realize that it is a place for friends and family not for porn.


  1. All this content is on private sites which people CHOOSE to visit. If someone types in a URL or clicks a link, it's their own fault if they get offended.

    If you touch a hot stove with your hands deliberately, do you blame yourself or the stove?

  2. but people are intentionally putting some bad content on the site which is surely a users fault and facebook has it's policies on that type of content but is not following them...!


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