Monday, January 9, 2012

installing epub reader to read epub files on windows and mac

ePub is one of the popular formats when it comes to ebooks and if you are interested in reading them on your windows or mac machine then here are a few options for you. There are many option available for reading ePub files on windows or mac but I have two favorite option which run both on mac and PC.

The first one is the Adobe Digital Edition, which is one of my personal favorite and the other one is Sony ereader.
Sony ereader is a native mac or windows app while the Adobe Digital Edition is an air based application which also runs on both mac and Windows. So here is the video which might help you out to download and install them and also how to open e-books on these readers. So follow the link below to download the software and have fun reading e-books.
Adobe Digital Edition
Sony e-reader


  1. I have a question the adobe digital editions downloads to my computer correctly but it won't install is their anything you recommend i should do? plz and thank you

    1. ok it may be because Adobe air is not installed in your system

      just download adobe air and install it, home then you will be able to install it just fine

  2. Many thanks to you
    Both of them are great, for my part I use Adobe Digital Edition, I also read Arabic books, but unfortunately both of them do not support right-to-left languages.

  3. you can try our Kindle, it does support ebub in mobile versions, not to sure about the desktop version, but you can try out may be it has what you need :D


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