Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Internet Browser war: Internet Explorer on top with Chrome and Firefox fighting for the second

We are in the Internet age and most of the things around us are connected via Internet, so we also need to be a part of that connection and for that we need an Internet browser. It is surely easy to pick one but it is difficult to stick with one, Internet browsers are in a tough fight, specially our favorite ones, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. 2011 is now a part of history and in 2011 we say, somewhere around November the increase of the popularity of Google Chrome and it overtook Firefox which was in that 2nd place for a good amount of time.
Although Internet Explorer is the most used browser still by a huge margin but it’s market share is decreasing more quickly than the increase of Chrome. Still there is a long distance to cover to surpass Internet Explorer of any of the browsers, but the rate at which the popularity of Google Chrome is increasing, the day is not far when it will overtake Microsoft’s Internet Explorer if Microsoft overlooks this issue. The other popular browsers in the list, Opera and Apple’s Safari are too much behind the trio of Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox. The best part about this war is that users will always be benefited and internet browsers are free, so you have the choice of picking your favorite one without looking at your pocket.

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