Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Making a free website or blog, how to start…?

This is one of the questions which come in everyone’s mind who loves the web and wants to express using the platform.

Setting up a blog or a website is easy but taking it to the next level is one of the daunting tasks but is certainly not that much difficult when one actually dives into it.
There are many free blogging solutions and I will suggest you using a blog as your main website because the static website is now a thing of past, today more you update your site the more traffic you get, there could be cases when you have something popular to show on your site then you could chose a normal static website. The most popular free blogging solutions are Blogger.com and Wordpress.com, blogger is a Google product and is the most used blogging platform for free blogging. For those who are looking for static website webs.com and Google site is a good option. So enjoy your time developing and exploring the web and more you work on the web more you will learn about the web, this might take time but is quite a fun when you actually know things which are happening around.

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